Gourmet Sleuth

Gourmet Sleuth, The Gourmet Food and Cooking Resource, focused on informing and educating people interested in food, cooking, and eating. Inspiring followers with culinary articles, recipes, and a database of food and beverage related sites, while maintaining a category of uncommon, but essential kitchen items.

Branding / UX / UI / Design / Development


Brand Identity

Gourmet Sleuth, The Gourmet Food and Cooking Resource desired to completely overhaul their brand and identity.

This logo has a clean and witty play on letters and typography. Grounded by the simple backdrop of cutting boards that has just enough pop to stand up to ever changing trends.

Responsive Web Design

Striking Idea reinvented Gourmet Sleuth, creating a visually scrumptious menu of recipes to try, a store of ingredients and products to drool over, and a categorized directory that is easy to digest. Striking Idea modeled the new Gourmet Sleuth from innovative research and intelligence, creating what is now an efficient, streamlined online experience.

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