A complete strategic design and development experience.

Striking Idea is known for operating across disciplines creating thoughtful user experiencescreative visual designs and detailed front-end web development. Accustomed to working in fast-paced, multi-faceted creative environments and possess initiative, leadership ability, attention to detail to set strategic creative direction and execute successful project strategies.


UI/UX Design Specialist

Many clients don’t even knowing where to start. By simply listening, we are able to translate their needs into customized technological solutions.

Research & Discovery

Observe the needs and challenges of how end-users interact with software applications, websites and mobile applications


Taking the information gathered during research, the planning phase includes building Use Cases scenarios, mapping out timelines and requirement goals.


By creating a site map and workflow mockups, we start laying the building blocks for a structure on which the technological solution will live.


The wireframe clearly maps out all the elements needed to create the final product in a easy to understand visual representation.


Working models of the final product go through and exhaustive testing process before the product is introduced to design and development.

Content Strategy

Delivering intelligent and practical content to engage the end users. Bullet point the message that the project needs to convey and the best way to present it.



You only get one chance to make a first impression with a client, customer, or fan. That’s why we work so hard to give you the best design possible.

Branding Strategy

Developing a long-term plan for a brand to achieve recognizability. Producing branding guidelines and design consistency throughout a company or specific product.

Web Design

Creating a clean esthetically pleasing design style and layout that represents a strong branding strategy will deliver the optimal user experiences.

Responsive Design

Put your best website forward, no matter what device you are on. From desktop monitors to mobile phones, users always enjoy an optimal web browsing experience.

Application Design

Designing dynamic, interactive systems that help businesses perform business critical tasks and that increase and measure their productivity.

Digital Marketing

Developing social strategies, email campaigns and newsletters will help build a strong following and keep everyone in the loop.


From Flyers, Business cards to over sized posters and booklets, graphic design services will support your brand.



A beautiful design without the proper development to back it up is pretty but ineffective. Striking Idea clients enjoy a sleek aesthetic backed by impressive technological utility.


Consistency for a brand is key for any digital experience. The key is the CSS, or SaSS style guide. They should be clean and easy to manage for a quality design to shine.

UI Development

Years of creating platforms for a diversity of users has informed our ability to implement appropriate user interfaces, no matter the audience.


Different clients may find their needs best served by different content management systems. Luckily for them, Striking Idea is well-versed in every major CMS available.

Custom Functionality

Unlike out-of-the-box websites, we offer the flexibility to adapt technology to the unique needs of clients.


Have a design ready to be coded? We provide custom theming services and can implement your design in to any platform.


More than ever, users are on-the-go and our developers optimize for Ipads, tablets and mobile devices.