Pouring creativity into each project while keeping the message purposeful and clear.

Design is not only about making things pretty, it is also about communication and functionality.

Striking Idea Inc., is lead by Principal and Creative Director of Krissy King. Krissy has over 15+ years of creative design experience, working with a wide range of technologies and online solutions. Being a professional designer, who also happens to be a well-seasoned developer, gives a unique insight and vision on how things should come together.  

Digital Marketing, Branding, Design and Development Expert

Expertise and Experience

Starting from humble beginnings in graphic design we have evolved in to building innovative online experiences to fit the ever changing needs of tomorrow.  Design is at our core and the spectrum of professional services is supported by the initial vision.  

Outstanding Support

We are Family. Our clients are not just another task in a project book. They are what makes our job worth doing. We are a small group and not tied down to corporate schedules and rule books. We are here to help and will do what it takes to find a solution to any need.

Our Method

Discovery and Planning

Discovery and Planning

Great ideas start by understanding the challenge. We ask questions and work to understand the vision, goals, project parameters and desired outcomes. Research the intended audiences, study the competition to define opportunities to discover strategies for solving problems effectively and memorably.

Research, Stats, UI/UX Design, Wireframes, Site Maps, Social Media, SEO



    What can we design, you ask? Practically everything. Designing is what we love to do, and it shows. From the first glimpse of a new logo to the launch of a fresh website we are inspired at every turn. We work closely with our clients, to explore various means of incorporating the desired identity and user experience into any design.

    Website Design, Responsive/Mobile Design, Digital Marketing, Branding, Social and Email Campaigns, Brochures, Collateral



      We develop what we design, with full front-end development and CMS implementations. Making sure everything is clean and functional. It is a unique blend of YES WE CAN! We pride ourselves in being up-to-speed with the latest UI Trends, CMS systems and Social Networking tools.

      Blackbaud, Wordpress, Drupal, Sitefinity, CMS, HTML5, CSS3, Responsive Design, E-commerce, Email, Social Media, Events, Online Fundraising

        Maintenance and Care

        Maintenance and Care

        Our work doesn't end with design and development. Continued marketing strategies and web support are key to continued success. Our Clients come back for trusted extended support that they can count on.

        Marketing Strategy, Email and Social Marketing, Website Maintenance, Custom Services and Support.

          Our Partners

          Andrea Fuller

          Fuller Digital Strategy

          • Brand Strategy
          • SEO Services
          • Social Media Strategy
          • Website Strategy

          Dean Huntley

          DH Webworks

          • Custom Development
          • Plugins
          • Javascript
          • Database

          Angela Saternus

          Development Specialist

          • Development
          • Custom Implementations
          • Online Fundraising Expert

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