“Pouring creativity into each project while keeping the message purposeful and clear is incredibly important.  Design is not only about making things pretty, it is also about communication and functionality.”

Creative Director, UI/UX Specialist

updated: 2017

Striking Idea was founded in 2007 when I took the leap of faith and quit my corporate job of 7 years to freelance. I wanted to spend more time with my kids while they were small but I was determined to work hard and build up a business of my own at the same time.

I have always been very creative and versatile, I was one of the few designers I knew that could design (print or web), code all the front end HTML and CSS, do all the content implementation.  I have always loved working on project from beginning to end.

I formed a good reputation and made many connections over the years. When I spread the word that I was going to freelance, I was extremely surprised to be referred by so many people and the projects just naturally flowed in.

The best part about all this unexpected work is it forced me to learn new things and I took on every project that came across my desk.

I was used to designing and developing websites and marketing campaigns in a proprietary software system from my previous company, but working for myself, I needed to learn new technologies to support my clients and an array of projects.  At first felt like an uphill battle, but one thing I am good at is learning things on the fly and I do not like to give up. I taught myself open source CMS like Drupal, WordPressSitefinity, Kentico and a number of others.

For my digital marketing projects I streamlined a process to manage and send out email campaigns, post to social media and experimented with new ways to create a social following. It was all a very exciting time for me.


The more experience I gained the more projects came in.

In 2010 I had so much work that I needed to recruit some help. Lucky for me, my previous company had just been bought out, which left some of my ex-co-workers available to be my co-workers again.

Having partners and contractors, I needed to learn a few more skills and programs to help run a company. I had to figure out how to do the accounting, find project management solutions to keep us all organized and the projects moving. I now specialize in Quickbooks Online, Basecamp, Zen Desk, Scrum Process, Kanban Boards, etc.

The Evolution of a UI/UX Designer

As time went on I became involved in many different roles and utilized many software applications to support them. I learned exactly what workflows were user friendly and which were not.  I saw a trend in the user interaction that I experienced. Some made me pull my hair out while others were pretty impressive.

With all that, and not really realizing it… I grew into a UI/UX GURU!

Adding to my list of design and development experience, I now also write up Use Cases, map out System Workflows, build Site Maps, Wire Frames and flush our ideas with functional Prototypes. For that I utilized Axure, Mock Flow, Invision, Sketch etc.

If I get a chance I still do my own design and implement the front end too.



In 2015 I had some life changes and made a decision to wind down the company.  I had been working from home for almost 10 years, and was ready to go back in to a office, to actually see the people I was working with! Plus, I was really ready to take off the many hats that you have to wear when you run your own business.  *Don’t tell anyone, but I don’t really like doing accounting or payroll or sales.

I am not taking on any more projects but the site is up to showcase all my hard work.  I put a lot of pride and care into every project and every client. I personally designed each and every project in my showcase, most of them I implemented myself as well.

Striking Idea had been a success story in my book and it has given me the experience I need to move on to the next chapter.